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期刊Improved geologic surface approximation using a multiquadric method with additional constraints
矿业科学技术英文版2010年第4期600-606,共7页SONG Xianfeng RUI Xiaoping JU Yiwen YANG Yongguo 
provided by the National Science and Technology Major Project of China (Nos.2009ZX05039-004 and 2009ZX 05039-002);the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Nos.40771167 and 70621001)
Geologic surface approximation is profoundly affected by the presence, density and location of scattered geologic input data. Many studies have recognized the importance of utilizing varied sources of information when...显示全部
关键词:曲面逼近 地质 c方法 表面重建 煤炭矿区 最小二乘法 表面平滑度 输入数据 
期刊Characteristics of water inflow and chemical grouting treatment of a Liu Yuanzi Coal Mine shaft in the Ordos Basin被引量:7
矿业科学技术英文版2010年第4期607-610,共4页WANG Dangliang*, JIANG Zhenquan School of Resource and Earth Science, China University of Mining & Technology, Xuzhou 221008, China 
Financial support from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No.40772191)
During shaft constructing, a borehole water inflow of 30 m3/h was encountered in Liu Yuanzi Coal Mine in the southwestern Ordos Basin, whose aquifer is mainly cretaceous. On the basis of regional hydrogeological condi...显示全部
关键词:鄂尔多斯盆地 煤矿矿井 化学灌浆 水流 扫描电子显微镜 治疗 水文地质条件 竖井施工 
期刊Adsorption mechanism of N-laurel-1,3-diaminopropane in a hematite-quartz flotation system被引量:1
矿业科学技术英文版2011年第2期213-215,共3页Liu Wengang Wei Dezhou Gao Shuling Han Cong 
Financial support for this research provided by the National Key Technology Development and Research Programs of China(Nos. 2008BAB32B14 and 2008BAB31B03)
关于石英的 N-laurel-1,3-diaminopropane (ND13 ) 的强壮的收集表演鼓励了我们在实验室房间筹款测试学习它赤铁矿和石英混合物的分离。当肉 pH 是加 6.67 mg/L 镇静剂的 7.27 和 58.3 mg/L 收集者时,最好的分离结果的结果表演能被完...显示全部
关键词:吸附机理 赤铁矿 丙二胺 石英 浮选系统 月桂 电子能谱测量 原子相互作用 
期刊Directions of changes of hard coal output technologies in Poland
矿业科学技术英文版2011年第1期1-5,共5页Turek Marian 
The author presents the results being the effect of the analysis of innovative rate of individual technologies applied in opening up,development and extraction works which was carried out within the project:"scen...显示全部
关键词:技术创新 波兰 硬煤 开采技术 煤炭采掘 安全水平 应用 煤矿床 
期刊Direct-impact of sieving coal and gangue被引量:11
矿业科学技术英文版2010年第4期611-614,共4页LI Jianping*, DU Changlong, BAO Jianwei School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, China University of Mining & Technology, Xuzhou 221116, China 
the Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province (No.BK2009098)
Gangue from underground separation of coal can directly be used for filling mined out areas, saving transport capacity and reducing the amount of waste polluting the environment above the ground. We introduced a struc...显示全部
关键词:煤矸石 选择性粉碎 分离装置 选煤 筛分设备 硬度差 运输能力 地面环境 
期刊Method for grinding and delaminating muscovite
矿业科学技术英文版2011年第1期7-10,共4页Shirleny Fontes Santos Silvia Cristina Alves Franca Tsuneharu Ogasawara 
CNPq for the financial support
干燥磨擦白云母的一个方法基于刀工厂的使用被报导。在 100 和 45 渭 m 下面与一种粒子尺寸生产云母是可能的。在磨擦以后,样品被提交到 sonication 处理,它支持了材料的分层。粒子尺寸分发证明那 sonicated 云母在尺寸范围有更多的粒...显示全部
关键词:白云母 研磨 扫描电子显微镜 超声治疗 粒子尺寸 平均粒径 分层材料 大小分布 
期刊Distribution of lateral floor abutment pressure in a stope
矿业科学技术英文版2011年第2期217-221,共5页Zhang Hualei 
supported by the National Basic Research Program of China(No.2010CB226805);the National Natural Science Foundation of China(Nos.50874103 and 50974115);the Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province(No.KB2008135);the State Key Laboratory Fund(No.SKLGDUEK0905)
为了在一个工作学习侧面的地板桥墩压力的分发,面对,我们首先使用了弹性理论建立侧面的地板桥墩压力的一个分发模型然后分析了它的分发。第二,我们由使用 FLAC3D (ITASCA 商量组) 建立了 Haizi 煤矿号码 86 采矿区域的一个三维的数...显示全部
关键词:支承压力分布 数值模拟模型 采场 道路挖掘 弹性理论 分布模型 FLAC 加固范围 
期刊Numerical simulation of the factors influencing dust in drilling tunnels:Its application被引量:7
矿业科学技术英文版2011年第1期11-15,共5页Niu Wei Jiang Zhongan Tian Dongmei 
supported by the Special Foundation for Doctor Degree of the Ministry of Education(No.2006008001);the Construction Project of Beijing Municipal Education Committee (No.XK100080432);the Joint Development Project of Beijing.
煤气的鈥搒o 盖二阶段的流动理论被用来在一个矿的工作的脸预言灰尘分发和运动。软件包裹流畅被用来数字地模仿灰尘运动,结果与观察数据相比。模拟同意从一张实际工作脸拿的数据,它证实数学模型和数字模拟方法的选择。用模型,我们为...显示全部
关键词:数值模拟方法 粉尘分布 影响因素 应用 隧道 钻井 模型预测 气固二相流 
期刊Modeling screening efficiency with vibrational parameters based on DEM 3D simulation被引量:3
矿业科学技术英文版2010年第4期615-620,共6页CHEN Yanhua*, TONG Xin School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Huaqiao University, Quanzhou 362021, China 
the Special Topic of Key Science and Technology of Fujian Province Fund (No.2006HZ0002-2)
The efficiency of particle screening was studied over a range of vibrational parameters including amplitude, frequency and vibrational direction. The Discrete Element Method (DEM) was used to simulate the screening pr...显示全部
关键词:模拟筛选 筛分效率 参数振动 DEM 三维建模 振动方向 振动频率 离散元法 
期刊Energy optimal routing for long chain-type wireless sensor networks in underground mines被引量:2
矿业科学技术英文版2011年第1期17-21,共5页Jiang Haifeng Qian Jiansheng Sun Yanjing Zhang Guoyong 
Financial support for this work,provided by the National Natural Science Foundation of China(No.50904070);the Science and Technology Foundation of China University of Mining & Technology (Nos.2007A046 and 2008A042);the Joint Production and Research Innovation Project of Jiangsu Province (No.BY2009114)
无线传感器网络是到存在在地下的矿监视系统的有用补充。他们起监视系统的安全提高和改善范围和灵活性的一个重要作用。对在在地下的矿的灾难以后的危险和环境敏感的区域要求节点的节省并且平衡的精力消费延长网络的 lifespan。基于一...显示全部
关键词:无线传感器网络 网络路由 地下矿井 能量最优 链型 安全监测系统 能量平衡 网络寿命 

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