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期刊Functional Diversity of Mycorrhizal Fungi Has Differential Effects on Salinity Tolerance of <i>acacia seyal</i>(Del.) Seedlings
《土壤科学期刊(英文)》2017年第11期315-332,共18页Anicet Manga Aliou Diop Tahir A. Diop 
acacia seyal is a leguminous plant that plays an important role in the ecosystem of Sahelian zone by producing gum, wood and fodder. The growth of A. seyal is subject to many constraints as salinity which can affect t...显示全部
关键词:ARBUSCULAR Fungi Salt Stress SYMBIOTIC Efficiency acacia seyal Leguminous Tree Functional Diversity 
期刊Analysis and Comparison on Anatomic Features and Properties of 4 acacia Species
《中国林业科技:英文版》2006年第4期1-5,共5页LIU Junliang PANG Yu 
The anatomic features and fiber morphology for 4 acacia species were investigated by the method of comparative analysis. Physical and mechanical properties such as air-dry density, dimension stability, MOR, MOE and to...显示全部
关键词:刺槐 种类 解剖特征 纤维形态 
期刊Discrimination of acacia seeds at species and subspecies levels using an image analyzer被引量:1
the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency and Swedish Research Counsil for providing financial support through the Swedish Research Link Program
Seeds of acacia species and subspecies were characterized using an image analyzer and discriminated for the purpose of identification of species, using their seeds. The species considered in the study were acacia nilo...显示全部
关键词:相思树 图像分析仪 判别分析 种子鉴定 
期刊Root and xylem ABA changes in response to soil drying in two woody plants被引量:2
《科学通报:英文版》1999年第24期2236-2241,共6页Huafang Wang Jianhua Zhang Jiansheng Liang Weilun Yin 
Two woody plants, Platycladus orientalise (tolerant to drought) and acacia auriculi-formis (sensitive to drought), have been subjected to rapid and slow soil drying. ABA levels in their roots and xylem sap have been d...显示全部
关键词:Platycladus orientalise acacia auriculiformis ROOT XYLEM SAP ABA SOIL drying. 
臭菜[acacia pennata(Linn.)Willd.]俗称羽叶金合欢,德宏州傣语称"葩哈"、"帕拉",属豆科、含羞草亚科、金合欢属,多年生攀缘多刺木质藤本植物。株高1~5 m,为二回羽状复叶。长15~20 cm,羽片8~22对,小叶30~45对,条形...显示全部
关键词:规范化栽培技术 南亚热带地区 木质藤本植物 倒钩刺 叶轴 短柔毛 金合欢属 acacia 羽叶金合欢 
期刊Responses of Dobera glabra and Eight Co-Occurring Species to Drought and Salinity Stress at a Savanna-Scrub Ecotone:Implications in the Face of Climate Change
《林学期刊(英文)》2014年第4期327-337,共11页Aster Gebrekirstos Demel Teketay RMitlohner 
financed by the German Academic Exchange Service(DAAD)
To quantify the resistance of different co-occurring species to drought and osmotic stress (salinity stress), plant water (Ψ) and osmotic (Ψp) potentials were measured during the dry season. We applied a pressure ch...显示全部
关键词:Drought Tolerance REFORESTATION Domestication Plant Water Relation Adaptation acacia Woodlands Ethiopia Agroforestry 
《造纸科学与技术》2009年第4期1-3,6,共4页陈诚 蒲俊文 姚胜 姜亦飞 
关键词:杂交相思 纤维形态 制浆性能 
期刊Extraction of Hemicellulose from acacia Wood via Autohydrolysis and Ethanol Precipitation被引量:1
《造纸与生物质材料:英文版》2016年第1期1-14,共14页HaiQiang Shi KaiYuan Guo YanNing Sun Na Li Jian Zhang MeiHong Niu QingWei Ping 
supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China(31470603);the Natural Science Foundation of Liaoning Province(2015020592);the Liaoning BaiQ ian Wan Talents Program(20149210-64);the Open Fund of State Key Lab of Pulp and Paper Engineering of China(201449)
Isolation and utilization of hemicellulose are important processes in the pulp mill-based biorefinery. Considering the potential end use of the hemicellulose,this study investigated the concentration of monomeric and ...显示全部
关键词:AUTOHYDROLYSIS HEMICELLULOSE ethanol precipitation BIOREFINERY acacia wood 
《水土保持通报》2008年第4期70-74,共5页周金池 马履一 王学勇 马增旺 
关键词:刺槐 保水剂 混施 
期刊Stand Structure,Allometric Equations,Biomass and Carbon Sequestration Capacity of acacia mangium Wild.(Mimosaceae)in Cote d’Ivoire
《林学期刊(英文)》2018年第1期42-60,共19页Soulemane Traoré Adrien N.Djomo Anatole K.N’guessan Brahima Coulibaly Assande Ahoba Guy M.Gnahoua Edouard K.N’guessan Constant Y.Adou Yao Justin K.N’Dja Noel Z.Guédé 
In addition to bioenergy production, acacia magium, a fast growing species, plays a major role in climate change mitigation through carbon sequestration from the atmosphere. The objective of this study was to improve ...显示全部
关键词:acacia mangium Natural Regeneration Allometric Equation Aboveground Biomass Carbon Stock and Carbon Sequestration 

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