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期刊Seasonal variation in carbon exchange and its ecological analysis over Leymus chinensis steppe in Inner Mongolia被引量:4
《中国科学:地球科学英文版》2006年第S2期186-195,共10页HAO Yanbin, WANG Yanfen, SUN Xiaomin, HUANG Xiangzhong, CUI Xiaoyong, NIU Haishan, ZHANG Yahong & YU Guirui Laboratory of Quantitative Vegetation Ecology, Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100093, China Department of Biology, Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049, China Ningxia University, Yinchuan 750001, China Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100101, China 
Eddy covariance technique was used to measure carbon flux during two growing seasons in 2003 and 2004 over typical steppe in the Inner Mongolia Plateau, China. The results showed that there were two different CO2 flux...显示全部
关键词:LEYMUS chlnensls CO2 flux PHOTOSYNTHETIC active radiation light SATURATION phenomena EDDY COVARIANCE 
关键词:广东移动公司 远程视讯会议系统 组网结构 active MEETING 硬件设备 
期刊Real-Time Detection of Unstable Control Loop Behavior in a Feedback active Noise Cancellation System for In-Ear Headphones
《工程(英文)(1947-3931)》2015年第12期796-802,共7页Sven Hö ber Christian Pape Eduard Reithmeier 
active noise controls are used in a wide field of applications to cancel out unwanted surrounding noise. Control systems based on the feedback structure however have the disadvantage that they may become unstable duri...显示全部
关键词:active Noise Control FEEDBACK Stability REAL-TIME Analysis 
期刊Implementation of the active TB Case Finding in Nigeria;Processes, Lessons Learnt and Recommendations
《结核病研究(英文)》2018年第1期10-18,共9页Oluremilekun Comfort Kusimo Richard Olukolade Queen Ogbuji John Osho Adeyinka Onikan Abiodun Hassan Oladapo Alabi Ladipo Oladipo Owoyomi Joseph Bakare Simeon Onyemaechi Adebola Lawanson 
Introduction: Tuberculosis remains a major public health issue in Nigeria with the country ranking seventh among the 30 high TB burden countries. Nigeria is among the three countries that account for half of the 4.3 m...显示全部
关键词:active Case Finding TUBERCULOSIS LESSONS Learnt Community ENGAGEMENT 
《中华小儿外科杂志》1986年第6期327-329,插1,共4页梁栋 史颖奇 郑允直 范丁安 张荣英 王承武 范源 
关键词:幼儿期 先天性髋脱位 制动 治疗效果 Children Dislocation of HIP Treatment FEMORAL head AVASCULAR NECROSIS HIP joint development 股骨头骺缺血性坏死 operation time would region conventional cast active traditional Soft tissue 
期刊Synthesis and Crystal Structure of 5(R)-(1R,2S,5R)-Menthoxy-4(R)-N-cyclohexylaminobutyrolactone
《结构化学》2006年第12期1497-1501,共5页郁兆莲 李森兰 陈庆华 
Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 29672004)
The title compound, 5(R)-(1R,2S,5R)-menthoxy-4(R)-N-cyclohexylaminobutyro- lactone 1, has been synthesized via the asymmetric Micheal addition reaction of 5(R)-menthoxy- 2(5H)-furanone 4 with cyclohexylamine 5, and st...显示全部
关键词:chiral 4(R)-N-cyclohexylaminobutyrolactone optically active molecule X-RAYCRYSTALLOGRAPHY 
《河北工程大学学报:自然科学版》2009年第1期51-54,共4页李晋 李锋博 杨威 
关键词:系统集成 WEB技术 远程监控 active X技术 
关键词:active 数字世界 中性色 美国棉花公司 应用领域 令人 
期刊A six-junction GaAs laser power converter with different sizes of active aperture
《光电子快报:英文版》2017年第1期21-24,共4页孙玉润 董建荣 何洋 赵勇明 于淑珍 薛济萍 薛驰 王瑾 陆云清 丁彦文 
supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China(Nos.61376065 and 61604171);Zhongtian Technology Group Co.Ltd
We investigate a novel Ga As-based laser power converters(LPCs) grown by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition(MOCVD),which uses a single monolithic structure with six junctions connected by tunnel junctions to obta...显示全部
关键词:Ga A six-junction GaAs laser power converter with different sizes of active aperture As LPC 
期刊Tailoring active color rendering and multiband photodetection in a vanadium-dioxide-based metamaterial absorber被引量:2
973 Program of China(2013CBA01700);National Natural Science Foundation of China(NSFC)(61622509,61675208)
Metamaterials have demonstrated exotic electromagnetic properties, which offer a good platform for realizing light absorption, photodetection, filtering, and so on. However, broadband multifunctional metamaterial abso...显示全部
关键词:Tailoring active color rendering and multiband photodetection in a vanadium-dioxide-based metamaterial absorber 

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