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《安全.健康和环境》2021年第4期35-38,共4页高鑫 李亮亮 陶彬 刘全桢 
关键词:气力输送 粉体 静电 离子风静电消除器 质量流量 气体流量 荷质比 
期刊A Versatile Method for Uniform Dispersion of Nanocarbons in Metal Matrix Based on electrostatic Interactions被引量:4
《纳微快报:英文版》2016年第1期54-60,共7页Zan Li Genlian Fan Zhanqiu Tan Zhiqiang Li Qiang Guo Dingbang Xiong Di Zhang 
the financial support of the National Basic Research Program(973 Program)(No.2012CB619600);the National Natural Science Foundation(Nos.51131004,51071100,51001071,51511130038,51501111,51471190);the National High-Tech R&D Program(863 Program)(No.2012AA030311);the research grant(Nos.14DZ2261200,15JC1402100,13PJ1404000,14520710100)from Shanghai government
Realizing the uniform dispersion of nanocarbons such as carbon nanotube and graphene in metals, is an essential prerequisite to fully exhibit their enhancement effect in mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties ...显示全部
关键词:Metal matrix composites UNIFORM DISPERSION Carbon NANOTUBE Graphene electrostatic INTERACTIONS 
期刊Metal-organic framework templated synthesis of copper azide as the primary explosive with low electrostatic sensitivity and excellent initiation ability
《中国科学基金:英文版》2017年第1期31-31,共1页WANGShu Rong CAI QinJie ZHANG Fan CHEN JunHao ZHAO Yuan ZHU LingJun 
Subject Code:F05With the support by the State Key Laboratory of Explosion Science and Technology,the research team led by Prof.Yang Li(杨利)and Prof.Wang Bo(王博)of Beijing Institute of Technology,applied MOFderived p...显示全部
关键词:Metal-organic framework templated synthesis of copper azide as the primary explosive with low electrostatic sensitivity and excellent initiation ability 
关键词:静电防护 电磁噪声 滤波器 抑制干扰 
期刊Analysis for Pull-In Voltage of a Multilayered Micro-Bridge Driven by electrostatic Force
《工程(英文)(1947-3931)》2010年第1期55-59,共5页Y. LIU G.C. WANG H.Y. YANG 
A trial solution for bending deflection of a multilayered micro-bridge subject to a voltage induced load is presented. The relation between the applied voltage and the displacements of the micro-bridge in the pull-in ...显示全部
关键词:MEMS electrostatic ACTUATION MULTILAYERED Micro-Bridge Trial Solution Energy Method PULL-IN Voltage 
《中国疗养医学》1995年第3期15-17,共3页柳霞 王芝萍 索金花 
关键词:失眠 高压静电疗法 治疗 
期刊Challenges in Quality Certification of I/O Libraries
《电路与系统(英文)》2012年第4期300-306,共7页Oleg Semenov Dmitry Vasiounin Victor Spitsyn 
Cooperation between manufacturing and other functional groups is critical to improve the success of new products. However, integrating operations and development methodologies is often challenging due to conflicting p...显示全部
关键词:I/O Library electrostatic Discharge QUALITY CERTIFICATION LATCH-UP I/O Driver 
期刊Study on Scandium Separation from Rare Earth Ore in Yunnan Province被引量:1
《稀土学报:英文版》2005年第S1期531-535,共5页张宗华 张桂芳 高利坤 陈小鸣 
Chemical components, main mineral content and mineral composition of rare earth ore in Yunnan Province was measurated by the analysis of the spectrum and the chemical components. The study shows that main metals miner...显示全部
关键词:EXTRACTING Sc magnetic SEPARATION gravity CONCENTRATE electrostatic SEPARATION rare earths 
期刊Real-Time electrostatic Monitoring of Wear Debris for Wind Turbine Gearbox
《南京航空航天大学学报:英文版》2017年第2期195-204,共10页Li Xin Zuo Hongfu Cai Jing Sun Jianzhong Liu Ruochen Xu Yutong 
co-supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China(Nos.61403198,BK20140827 and U1233114);the Funding of Jiangsu Innovation Program for Graduate Education(No.KYLX15_0313);the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities(No.NS2015072);the support provided by China Scholarship Council(No.201606830028)
Engineering practice has shown that early faults of gearboxes are a leading maintenance cost driver that can easily lower the profit from a wind turbine operation.A novel oil-lubricated electrostatic monitoring of wea...显示全部
关键词:wind turbine gearbox oil-lubricated system electrostatic monitoring characteristic parameter accelerated life test 
期刊Electron surfing acceleration in a current sheet of flares
《中国科学:物理学、力学、天文学英文版》2009年第11期1810-1812,共3页WANG DeYu1 & LU QuanMing2 1 Purple Mountain Observatory, Nanjing 210008, China 2 School of Earth and Space Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei 230026, China 
Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 40574065 and 40336052)
A model of electron acceleration in a current sheet of flares is studied by the analytical approximation solution and the test particle simulation. The electron can be trapped in a potential of propagating electrostat...显示全部
关键词:ELECTRON ACCELERATION electrostatic wave current SHEET 

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