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期刊In vitro cytocompatibility evaluation of poly(octamethylene citrate) monomers toward their use in orthopedic regenerative engineering
《生物活性材料(英文)》2018年第1期19-27,共9页Chuying Ma Ethan Gerhard Qiaoling Lin Silun Xia April Dawn Armstrong Jian Yang 
Citrate based polymer poly(octamethylene citrate)(POC)has shown promise when formulated into composite material containing up to 65 wt%hydroxylapatite(HA)for orthopedic applications.Despite significant research into P...显示全部
关键词:Biodegradable Poly(octamethylene citrate) CITRATE 1 8-Octanediol CYTOCOMPATIBILITY osteogenic differentiation Surface erosion 
期刊Live Fibular Graft for the Treatment of Long Bone Tumors in Children
《癌症治疗(英文)》2017年第3期225-233,共9页Seung-Koo Rhee Mohammed Einayet Abdelhameed Chi-Hoon Ahn Cheol-U Kim 
Purposes: We would like to inform the characteristics of recurred osteo-fibrous dysplasia (OFD), and also the possible use of vascularized composite autograft and allografts (VCA) combined with live fibular graft (LFG...显示全部
关键词:LIVE FIBULAR Graft Vascularized Composite ALLOGRAFT or AUTOGRAFT Osteofibrous Dysplasia osteogenic SARCOMA Children 
《中国骨质疏松杂志》2021年第2期289-292,307,共5页宋志靖 王薇 宋敏 董万涛 巩彦龙 王凯 范凯 张亚彬 
关键词:MC3T3-E1细胞 机械应力 成骨 机制 
期刊Incorporation of silica nanoparticles to PLGA electrospun fibers for osteogenic differentiation of human osteoblast-like cells
《再生生物材料(英文版)》2018年第4期229-238,共10页Xing Yang Yuanyuan Li Xujie Liu Qianli Huang Ranran Zhang Qingling Feng 
This work was financially supported by Intergovernmental cooperation in science and technology(2016YFE0125300);National Natural Science Foundation of China(51472139).
The development of bone tissue engineering scaffolds still remains a challenging field,although various biomaterials have been developed for this purpose.Electrospinning is a promising approach to fabricate nanofibers...显示全部
关键词:composite fibers silica nanoparticles osteogenic differentiation bone tissue engineering 
期刊Decreased osteogenic activity and mineralization of alveolar bone cells from a patient with amelogenesis imperfecta and FAM83H 1261G>T mutation
《基因与疾病(英文)》2019年第4期391-397,共7页Nunthawan Nowwarote Thanaphum Osathanon Kiattipan Kanjana Thanakorn Theerapanon Thantrira Porntaveetus Vorasuk Shotelersuk 
The study was supported by the Medical Genomics Cluster of Chulalongkorn University,Chulalongkorn Academic Advancement Into Its 2nd Century Project,Newton Fund,and Thailand Research Fund(RSA6280001,DPG6180001,RSA6180019).Nunthawan Nowwarote is supported by the Ratchadapisek Sompote Fund for Postdoctoral Fellowship,Chulalongkorn University.We thank Trakarn Sookthonglarng and Yuttupong Kunchanapruek for blood collection,Lawan Boonprakong and Anucharte Sirjunbarl for microscope services.
FAM83H mutations lead to autosomal dominant hypocalcified amelogenesis imperfecta(ADHCAI).However,the biological role of FAM83H remains unclear.The present study aimed to characterize the alveolar bone cells isolated ...显示全部
关键词:Autosomal dominant inheritance Enamel hypoplasia Hypocalcified enamel MINERALIZATION osteogenic differentiation PERIODONTIUM 
期刊Design of fibronectin type III domains fused to an elastin-like polypeptide for the osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells
《生物化学与生物物理学报:英文版》2019年第8期856-863,共8页Sujin Lee Ji-Eun Kim Hye-Jin Seo Jun-Hyeog Jang 
Extracellular matrix(ECM)including fibronectin(FN)and elastin plays a pivotal role in providing a microenvironment to support tissue regeneration in stem cell therapy.To develop a novel biomimetic ECM for stem cell di...显示全部
关键词:EXTRACELLULAR matrix proteins FIBRONECTIN elastin-like peptide inverse transition CYCLING osteogenic differentiation 
期刊Controlling osteogenic Differentiation through Nanoporous Alumina
《生物材料与纳米技术(英文)》2014年第2期98-104,共7页Shiuli Pujari-Palmer Thomas Lind Wei Xia Liping Tang Marjam Karlsson Ott 
funded by Ollie och Elof Ericssons Stifelse for vetenskaplig forskning,Stiftelsen Lars Hiertas Minne and STINT(Stiftelsen for internationalisering av hogre utbildning och forskning).
Nanotopographical features are found to have significant effects on bone behavior. In the present study, nanoporous aluminas with different pore sizes (20, 100 and 200 nm in diameter), were evaluated for their osteoin...显示全部
关键词:NANOTOPOGRAPHY Nanoporous Alumina osteogenic Differentiation Marrow Stromal Cells 
期刊Highly expressed BMP9/GDF2 in postnatal mouse liver and lungs may account for its pleiotropic effects on stem cell differentiation,angiogenesis,tumor growth and metabolism
《基因与疾病(英文)》2020年第2期235-244,共10页Wei Liu Zhongliang Deng Zongyue Zeng Jiaming Fan Yixiao Feng Xi Wang Daigui Cao Bo Zhang Lijuan Yang Bin Liu Mikhail Pakvasa William Wagstaff Xiaoxing Wu Huaxiu Luo Jing Zhang Meng Zhang Fang He Yukun Mao Huiming Ding Yongtao Zhang Changchun Niu Rex C.Haydon Hue H.Luu Jennifer Moriatis Wolf Michael J.Lee Wei Huang Tong-Chuan He Yulong Zou 
The reported work was supported in part by research grants from the National Institutes of Health(CA226303 to TCH);the U.S.Department of Defense(OR130096 to JMW);the Scoliosis Research Society(TCH and MJL);This project was also supported in part by The University of Chicago Cancer Center Support Grant(P30CA014599);the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences of the National Institutes of Health through Grant Number UL1 TR000430.TCH was also supported by the Mabel Green Myers Research Endowment Fund and The University of Chicago Orthopaedics Alumni Fund.Funding sources were not involved in the study design,in the collection,analysis and interpretation of data;in the writing of the report,and in the decision to submit the paper for publication。
Bone morphogenetic protein 9(BMP9)(or GDF2)was originally identified from fetal mouse liver cDNA libraries.Emerging evidence indicates BMP9 exerts diverse and pleiotropic functions during postnatal development and in ...显示全部
关键词:BMP9/GDF2 Bone morphogenetic proteins(BMPs) Hepatic metabolism Mesenchymal stem cells NEUROGENESIS osteogenic differentiation Pulmonary arterial hypertension TUMORIGENESIS 
期刊Semaphorin 3A-hypoxia inducible factor 1 subunit alpha co-overexpression enhances the osteogenic differentiation of induced pluripotent stem cells-derived mesenchymal stem cells in vitro
《中华医学杂志:英文版》2020年第3期301-309,共9页Jing-Yi Li Ting-Ting Wang Chong Li Zhi-Fang Wang Shan Li Li Ma Li-Li Zheng 
This work was supported by a grant from the National Natural Science Foundation of China(No.81601726).
Background:Mesenchymal stem or stromal cells(MSCs)derived from the induced pluripotent stem cells(iPSCs)have uniform biological activity,which makes the clinical application of MSCs in bone repair possible.Culturing t...显示全部
关键词:SEMAPHORIN 3A Hypoxia INDUCIBLE factor 1 SUBUNIT alpha Induced PLURIPOTENT stem cells Mesenchymal STEMS Cell survival osteogenic differentiation Hydroxyapatite scaffolds 
《河南科技大学学报:医学版》2018年第3期184-188,共5页吕兰欣 杨红宁 颜晓庆 胡书群 燕宪亮 许铁 
目的构建水凝胶干细胞复合支架,探讨其在骨组织工程中的应用。方法制备胶原水凝胶与人骨髓间充质干细胞(h MSCs)复合物,并与不同浓度人脐静脉内皮细胞(HUVECs)共培养(分3组:h MSCs∶HUVECs=10∶0,h MSCs∶HUVECs=5∶5,h MSCs∶HUVECs=9...显示全部
关键词:水凝胶 骨髓间充质干细胞 成骨分化 

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